Prime Minister Gabriel Bryce lies badly injured in hospital, a lucky survivor of the terrorist bomb that has killed most of his Cabinet and plunged the country into crisis.  

Across London, jobless Afghan veteran Danny Whelan finds himself implicated in a devastating terror attack that has levelled one of Europe’s most prominent mosques. Within moments of seeing his mugshot broadcast on national TV, Danny is on the run, hunted like a wild animal for a crime he did not commit.

Meanwhile millions of refugees are camped out on Europe’s borders, the victims of a brutal civil war that has turned nuclear. Their only hope of salvation is the Promised Land of Europe, and a man who has risen through the ranks of British political power, a man whose loyalties lie not with his country but with those who would see the gates of Europe thrown open once more, transforming the continent for all time.

A man determined to change the course of history and destroy anyone who tries to stop him.

A man about to become Britain’s next Prime Minister.