“A killer thriller. Right up there with Stephen Leather and Freddie Forsyth.”

Five Star Reviews


A nuclear strike in the east forces millions of refugees to head west, desperately seeking the safety of Europe’s borders. Cowed by the scale of the crisis, European leaders declare a state of emergency and scramble to accommodate the hundreds of thousands of new arrivals while millions more gather at the borders of the Promised Land, waiting for the opportunity to make their own journeys west. Yet for many it is not a journey of hope – it is a mission of conquest.

Across the English Channel, Prime Minister Gabriel Bryce stands alone, politically isolated from his European counterparts, his own country adrift on a tide of domestic turmoil. A troubled Bryce sees the impending Treaty of Cairo for what it really is, a dangerous political compromise that will unlock the gates of Europe and transform the continent, fuelling his darkest fears of a future torn apart by sectarian violence. Determined to stop the Treaty, Bryce is unaware that the events playing out on every news channel have been meticulously planned, that the desire to conquer Europe has been ingrained in the hearts of men for a thousand years. That he is the last domino to be toppled.

Oblivious to the conspiracy swirling around him Bryce has now become a target, for those who prefer a more fundamental course of action, one that involves a vehicle packed with explosives, a jobless ex-soldier, and a former friend and political ally who plans to replace Bryce and become a beacon to the many millions of believers determined to conquer Europe for all time.

“DC Alden’s novel is unnervingly perceptive. A visionary thriller.”

Five Star Reviews