Frank Marshall knows all about the Elitestheir involvement in 9/11, their quest for global control, and most terrifying of all, their imminent plan to murder three billion people.

But after years of surviving off-grid, Frank can’t hide any longer. Desperate to atone for his crimes, the former Special Forces operator is finally stepping out of the shadows to face his enemy.

Now Frank must undertake his deadliest mission yet - stop the spread of a deadly pathogen, one designed to decimate humanity, topple governments, and ensure the transfer of global power to a brutal New World Order.

For his mission to succeed Frank knows he must stay one step ahead of the secretive Committee and its lethal hunter teams, and that means enlisting the help of others, civilians with no military training or combat experience, just everyday people who suddenly have everything to lose.

The question is, will any of them survive long enough to succeed?